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Organic Gardening Newsletter

The Organic Gardening Class Newsletter has now become If you were already receiving the Newsletter you will receive the magazine. If you would like to subscribe to the magazine click the banner and go to the subscribe page.  

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Chico, California

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Hello everybody. This is the first combined issue of the organic gardening class newsletter and the Valley Oak Tool Company Newsletter. Please click on this link and take a look at our gardening tips, new tools, permaculture workshop announcement, and more. We plan to publish once a month and are asking for articles, questions, and your own best gardening ideas.

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #34, March 9, 2010
This newsletter is morphing as you read this. We are going to have a local Chico area  organic gardening events section, and a separate gardening tips section, plus a few other sections yet to be created. For some of the handouts, you will be able to click on links to take you to the handout, or the class descriptions and sign-ups. Please email us any feedback you have to offer as we improve the newsletter.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #33 February 28, 2010
Thanks to Carl Rosato for his talk on fruit trees and soil management. Carl's enthusiasm and extensive knowledge are wonderful assets to the organic gardening community. We hope to have Carl back next year to continue teaching us about how to make our gardens produce healthy crops which in turn nurture our own health. If you ever get a chance to buy  Carl's peaches, you will be able to taste the difference that the use of expert organic methods can deliver.

Thanks Mary Berglund and Jerry Bonds for some great gardening tips last Sunday. We will be sending Mary's list of recommended fruit tree varieties in a newsletter very soon. You may be surprised at how close together fruit trees can be planted. On the Dave Wilson Nursery website, it is suggested that you can plant them 3 feet apart, in a sort of hedge. This allows a backyard gardener to have many more varieties (and the nurseries to sell lots of trees).

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #31 February 12, 2010


Thanks to Lee and Francine of GRUB Cooperative Farm for their wonderful advice. It really helps when we get details about varieties, planting dates, and such.

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #30 February 6, 2010. 

Thanks to Bruce Balgooyen for sharing his unique and humorous views on horticulture. He was able to answer a great many of our questions, yet of course more remain.

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #28 January 23, 2010 
These cold rainstorms aren't pleasant, but they are just what we need to increase the snowpack for next summer. You can't do much work outdoors, but it is a great time to order seed catalogs and plan your spring and summer gardens. Class starts this Sunday, January 24. You can register by going to and clicking on the link there. It will save time if you pre-register, even if you pay at the door. We can have your class card ready and speed the line along so folks don't miss the beginning of the class.

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #27 January 3, 2010 
Yes, there will be a new series of Organic Gardening Classes starting Sunday January 24 at 1:30 at the Chico Grange Hall.

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #26 November 21, 2009
Field Trip tomorrow: Fruit Tree care with Carl Rosato. You need to register for this class if you want to find out how to prune and maintain peach, apple, pear, persimmon and other fruit trees.

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter Nov. 14, 2009                  
Thank you Lee and Francine of GRUB for a wonderful field trip of your farm. We learned a lot about planting and weeding and harvesting fall crops. It was great seeing Broccoli already in harvest, and so many other vegetables.

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #24 November 1, 2009 
People have been asking about what is next with the organic gardening classes. We will have the class series from January to April at the Grange, with some new topics and a little different format for some of the sessions. We will keep you posted in December.

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #23
Field Trips: If you want to attend either field trip next weekend and the weekend after (see Newsletter #22 for details), please reply to this email to reserve a spot on Sunday 9/13 (Mary Berglund's garden) or Sunday 9/20 (Bruce Balgooyen's garden).

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #22
September is here now and the summer harvest is starting to wind down. We thought you might want to catch a couple of late summer/early fall field trips, so here they are.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #21
We had a great time at yesterday's fall garden workshop. So great, that I want to do it again this coming Sunday August 16. The time will be 9 AM to noon, and the fee is $30. It is limited to the first 20 who sign up. We will start with seed distribution at cost, and then plant some fall crops. Then we will tour the rest of my garden. Plenty of time for questions. 

Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #20
Surprises come in many shapes and sizes. Here's one: There will be a small group one day workshop focusing on planting your winter garden next Sunday August 9 from 9 AM to noon at my house.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #19 (7/11/2009)
Field trip to CSU Chico Organic Garden project, Garden class series announcement, Gardening Tips: Citrus Tips, Summer Watering Schedules, Fall Gardening Preparation, Tomato Worms.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #18 (6/7/2009)
Thanks to Jimi Logsdon, Upcoming Talk on Summer & Fall Planting and Tools, Field Trip to Bruce Balgooyen's Farm at Riparia, Sick Tomato Plant Experience, Ideas for Next Organic Gardening Series, Garden Excess Sharing, Zucchini and Cucumber Planting.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #17 (5/30/2009)
Thanks to Gary Foster Mike Weideman, Upcoming Talk on Summer and Fall Gardening, Gardening Tips: Irrigation, Soil Types, Cool Season Veggies, Over Watering and Guttation, Tomato and Other Vegetable Transplants.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #16 (5/12/2009)
Thanks to Christy Santos and Gail Brown, Gary Foster of Compost Solutions Announcement, Dangers of Genetic Engineering Newsletter, Home Gardening Tips: Onions, Potatoes, Irrigation, Tomato Staking, Squash, Pumpkins, Buckwheat.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #15 (5/7/2009)
Carl Rosato Recap, Directions to Sky Lake Gardens Field Trip, Fruit Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards, Vegetable Gardening Tips.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #14 (4/29/2009)
Thanks to Leslie Corsbie, Directions to Woodleaf Farm, Jeff Armstrong Irrigation Timer Recommendation, Irrigation Pressure Regulators and Filters, Vegetable Gardening Tips.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #13 (4/22/2009)
Thank yous to Brian Marshall, Nancy Heinzel, Dr. Lee Altier and Katie Fugnetti, Upcoming Drip Irrigation Systems Class, Tool and Supply Availability, Vegetable Gardening Tips, GRUB Education Benefit

Organic Gardening Newsletter #12 (4/8/2009)
Tomato Culture Presentation, Class Registration, Tomato Starts, Summer Vegetable Tips, Cat Wanted.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #11 (3/25/2009)
University Farm Field Trip, Next Class Series Sign Up, Garden Sharing Network, Common Vision Fruit Tree Planting

Organic Gardening Newsletter #10 (3/21/2009)
Matthew Martin Recap, Next Class, Invitation for Ideas, New Organic Gardening Class Announcement

Organic Gardening Newsletter #9 (3/14/2009)
Al Vogel Garden Recap, Upcoming Pyramid Farms Talk, Farming Roundtable Announcement, Recommended Articles, Valley Oak Tool Company Warehouse.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #8 (3/6/2009)
Thanks to Peter & Dave, FedCo Order Update, Chico Municipal Compost report, Upcoming Classes, Grange Workshop Series on Local Land Use, Bioneers film series.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #7 (2/25/2009)
Field Trip to Carl Rosato's Farm, Soil Test Results, Parking Problems, Upcoming Classes, Possible Summer Cooking Series, Carl Rosato Field Trip Followup

Organic Gardening Newsletter #6 (2/19/2009)
February Planting Window, Woodleaf Farm Field Trip, Last Garden Raising, Group Seed Order, KZFR Interview, Supply Updates, Upcoming Lecture, Kinney's, Volunteer Opportunity.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #5 (2/16/2009)
Thanks to Christy Santos, Garden Sharing Potluck, Seed Ordering Meeting, Small Group Workshop, Car Pool to Woodleaf Farm, Garden Raising Update, Homegrown!

Organic Gardening Newsletter #4 (2/9/2009)
Isn't it Lovely, Garden Sharing Potluck, A Blog for Networking, Seed Ordering, Upcoming Talk with Christy Santos.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #3 (2/2/2009)
Lunch, Soil Testing, Garden Raising, Midnight Oil, Seed Ordering, What to do in the garden this week.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #2 (1/26/2009)
Thanks to Bruce Balgooyen, Cooking Class Announcement, Lost and Found, Soil Tests Update, Al Vogel's Field Trip, Carl Rosato's Field Trip, Fedco Seed Ordering. With a handout from Bruce Balgooyen.

Organic Gardening Newsletter #1 (1/19/2009)
Marc Kessler's & Carl Rosato's Talks & Handouts, GRUB information, Chico Grange Information, Garden Raising Opportunity, Soil Testing. With handouts from Marc Kessler and Carl Rosato.

For more information about the organic gardening series:

or call Hazel Van Evera at (530) 342-8399 or David Grau at (530) 342-6188