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Hi there! We're glad you found us. Valley Oak Tool Company has moved. Please visit our new online store here:

Make your wheel hoe even handier
with these Valley Oak accessories:

Complete Blade Assembly * Furrower * 3- or 4-Tine Cultivator *
Stake Pounder * Speedy Sharp Sharpener

Wheel hoes and accessories come with a two-year money-back guarantee.
Wheel Hoe blade assemblies
Click photo for larger view
Add a larger or smaller blade to your wheel hoe with a new blade assembly. You can easily attach or remove the blade assembly with a single pin to switch sizes. No tools needed. Click Order Now link below for sizes and prices.

Order Blade Assembly Now

Speedy Sharp sharpener for wheel hoe blades
Click photo for larger view
This pocket tool "peels the steel" with a carbide insert. It is great for knives as well as wheel hoe blades. It is really fast, so be careful not to remove too much material.

Order Speedy Sharp Now

Wheel hoe furrower attachment
Click photo for larger view
You can use the Furrower to make furrows for planting garlic or potatoes or to make small irrigation furrows. (I use it to incorporate compost in my garden.)

Order Furrower Now

Stake Pounder
Click photo for larger view
24"-long square steel tube is ideal for driving support stakes into the ground for tomatoes, peas, beans and other climbers. Tube with end cap slips over stake and rubber handle grips provide easy two-handed pounding operation to prevent injury to your fingers and damage to the stakes.

Order Stake Pounder Now

Wheel hoe 3 Tine Cultivator
Click photo for largr view
The 3- or 4-tine cultivator is great for breaking crust or going deeper to loosen soil. Both are 8" wide.

Order Cultivator Now