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Organic Gardening Newsletter #11 - 3/25/2009


Organic Gardening Class Newsletter #11

Thank you all for listening to my talk last week.  I will have more to say about tools, organic methods, and growing tips in future sessions.

Field Trip next Sunday March 29.  Meet at the Chico State University Farm at 1:30 PM.  Field Manager Katie Fugnetti and Dr. Lee Altier will show us around and talk about the Organic Vegetable Project.

Directions:   Take Park Avenue which becomes The Midway heading south toward Durham.  Turn right at Hegan Lane (the stoplight where the cemetery is).  After you cross over the RR tracks, the next left is the University Farm.  Go straight until you see a student directing you into a gravel parking lot.

SIGN UP SOON FOR THE NEXT SERIES OF THE ORGANIC GARDENING CLASS.  We have an exciting lineup of speakers and field trips planned, starting with a talk on Tomatoes by Sawmill Creek Farm on April 19.  Please see attached schedule and registration form.  Save $10 and sign up early.  This class may fill up prior to the first session.

Garden Sharing Network:  Have land and not enough hands?  Have passion and only a patio?  Here is a follow-up call to those who want to co-garden by sharing space and effort.  Contact Emily Williams at, and she will work with you to find the right combinations of organic gardeners.  The seeds are calling louder each day.  Let's play!

Common Vision Community Fruit Tree Planting:  The whole community is invited to participate in the following events:

 27 volunteer eco-educators and performing artists will come to Butte County in the world's largest veggie-oil-powered caravan to plant fruit trees, play drums, dance, and share messages of cooperation, communication, respect, health, community, positivity, and earth stewardship with schools and communities. We are looking for individuals and organizations who would be willing to help make sure the trees thrive after they are planted.  We are looking for help with setting up drip irrigation, pruning, fertilizing, etc.

The whole community is invited to participate in the following events: 
Community Fruit Tree Planting 
Friday, March 27 @ 2:30 p.m.
Chapman Elementary Parking Lot
When we are finished planting the trees we will walk over the Dorothy Johnson Center and plant more! 
Fruit Tree Tour Reception 
Sunday, March 29th @ 5:00 p.m.
Café Culture, 931 W. 5th Street
Dinner and performances by local musicians and dancers
Tickets are $6.00 and available at the GRUB Co-op, Café Culture, and Center for Nutrition & Activity Promotion (25 Main, Suite 201)

For more information please contact: Wendy (530) 415-0415 
Common Vision has already started their trek from San Diego up to Chico. To see pictures and videos go to:

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