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Bruce Balgooyen's Seed Handout January 2009

My top  3 recommendations for ordering garden seed.
 Company                                                                  comments                                                                        inorganic     organic                        
Fedco Seeds                                           Dopey name, great company.  Very extensive selection, low prices.             X               X
PO box 520                                             Quality control seems good.  Seed ordering deadline for mail and
Waterville, ME 04903                               fax orders is 3/20.  They farm and raise seed in the summer.
fax 207-692-1022                                     online order deadline is 8/31.  Not too speedy in getting orders out.
phone: 207-873-7333                                Dependable varietal descriptions.
 Johnny's Selected Seeds                        The larger of these two excelent seed companies out of little.                       X               X
955 Benton Avenue                                  Waterville/Winslow, Maine.  Superior quality control.  Dependable
Winslow, ME 04901-2601                         varietal descriptions.  First rate catalogue with good true- color
fax:  1-800-738-6314                                photographs.  Growing information.  Quick order turnaround.
phone: 1-877-564-6697
Peaceful Valley Farm&Garden                  Carry organic seeds of Seeds of Change, Tomatofest, in addition to              X               X
PO box 2209 (mail)                                  their own: the richest source of organically produced seed I know of.
125 Clysdale Court                                  They also carry Renee's Garden Seeds plus a large selection of
Grass Valley, CA 95945                           tools, natural fertilizers and pesticides, and insect beneficials,
fax:530-272-4794                                     plus greenhouse supplies and gardening books.  A trip to their Grass
phone: 888-784-1722                               Valley retail store is worth doing.
Best local sources.
Northern Star Mills                                   Also carry reasonably priced organic gardening products. 
Mendons Nursery                                     Fruit trees, bedding plants.  Beautiful nursery. If you have never
                                                              been there, I recommend you go.  Knowledgeable staff.  
Chico Saturday Farmers Market.               Best source for heirloom tomato plants.                                  
Some of my favorite varieties:
tomatoes: heirlooms-  Cherokee Purple, Orange Russian 117, Brandywine, German Golden Giant, Copia. 
               hybrid- Park's Whopper: heavy yields, dependable, multiople disease resistance.
peppers:   frying and salads- golden marconi, red marconi.
               stuffing- Chocolate, California wonder 
carrots: nantes. Seed in August and September
radish: German Giant: not in the heat.
sweet corn: Luscious (early) Brocade (main crop)  available in organic from Harris Seeds.
melon: Most melons love our climate.  go nuts!
watermelon: Sangria (large), Mickee Lee (small.)
broccoli: Premium Crop.  First hybrid and still the best.
cabbage: Early Jersey Wakefield.  Can be grown in spring.  Heirloom, tender and delicious. 
              Melissa Savoy:  Late summer planting for winter use.
cauliflower: Snow Crown  Easiest to grow.  Do no seed before August 1.
beans: Red Noodle  Very early and heavy bearer of 20" pods.  Vines to 12' tall.
           Kentucky Wonder.  Should be in every garden
lettuce:  spring and fall: New Redfire,Red Saladbowl, Olga , Buttercruch.
 summer squash:Lioness (yellow straightneck): high quality, Spineless Beauty (zucchini) easy to pick
cucumber  Sweeter Yet(Japanese) easy to grow, early, non bitter, tender skin.
winter squash: Confection, Buttercup, Delica.
kale:  Dinosaur, Red Russian.  Do grow kale!  It's so good for you.  Seed about 8/1
eggplant: Machiaw (for frying or barbeque),  Classic (parmigiana) 

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