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Quality Products for Organic Gardeners
Valley Oak Tool crafts the highest-quality tools for the organic farmer and backyard gardener, in Chico, California, USA. We specialize in tools to help you grow food efficiently and easily, without relying on fossil fuels. Our wheel hoes and broadforks are ergonomically designed and built to last for decades.

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broadfork detail

The Broadfork: 
for breaking open compacted soils deeper than with a rototiller or spade. Click Here For More Details on The Broadfork

New: Hiller Attachment for the Wheel Hoe

Hiller Attachment for the Valley Oak Wheel Hoe
Make a Comeback
"Seemingly a thing of the past, wheel hoes are making a comeback. Attachments [cultivator, furrower] can turn it into a Swiss army knife garden tool." -- Washington Post

No herbicides or
fossil fuels needed!

"I LOVE the wheel hoe. It is the greatest tool. It ZIPS down the long rows like magic and is so easy to use. You have a great product."
Annie Rockwell
Parlow Mill Farm
Marion, MA

To see the wheel hoe in action, click here.

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Wheel hoe in use
Wheel hoe with the pneumatic tire option.

pat hull uses the wheel hoe at GRUB in Chico CA
CSA worker in Chico, California, uses the wheel hoe with steel wheel option.

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