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Broadforks are excellent for breaking open compacted soils deeper than with a rototiller or a spade. The 12” tines are 2” longer than the main competitor’s broadforks. You don’t have to sink them down to the tread bar, but you can. It is best to broadcast compost and soil amendments prior to broadforking, as the amendments will trickle down into the cracks. This is especially useful for rock phosphate, since phosphorus is leached very slowly.
   The ” tines are reinforced with 1/4" welded steel gussets. These strengthened tines are much more resistant to bending than most broadfork tines. The tines are turned to a point instead of cut at an angle. This reduces resistance.

The broadfork comes in 3 models:

  • 5-tine (18" tine width)
  • 4-tine standard (16.5" tine width)
  • 4-tine narrow (15" tine width)

   The handles are ash post-hole digger handles, 1" in diameter. Replacement handles are widely available for about $10 each.
   Stout wooden handles, stiffer tines, and a wider treadbar make for a tool that is durable, reliable, and easier on your body. 
Broadforks come with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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