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VIDEO: Thinning Beets

On April 22nd, we stepped out into David's back yard vegetable garden. A row of beets was sprouting nicely, and it was time to thin them out. In this video David demonstrats how to properly thin your beets.

The beets were planted on February 5th. When you thin the plants, the plants that are left have more nutrients available, get more sunlite and more water. The thinning thus allows the remaining beets to grow larger. You actually get a larger yield by thinning out your beets.

After the extra beets have been thinned, hold on to the pulled greens and make a salad with them. Beet greens are great steamed and they make a great side dish. Here is a recipe from the New York Times that describes the simple recipe.

It's also a good idea to pull out any weeds while you are at it. Make sure to get the roots when you pull out the beets and weeds.