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Customers all over the U.S. love the Valley Oak Wheel Hoe.
Check out their enthusiastic comments...

"90% of our cultivating is done with your tool. We really do like it. We farm 5 to 8 acres of vegetables. We do between the rows with the oscillating hoes. We use the 4-tine behind the oscillating blade."
Don Beckwith
Meadow Wood Farm
Yarmouth, ME

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"The difficulty with a tiny operation like ours is that it is hard to find tools that you can afford. The first day I had the wheel hoe, I weeded more in a few hours than I can typically do in a 'good' day! The only question I have is, why didn't I have this 10 years ago? Thank you!"
Kasey Klingensmith
Alfred Station, NY

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"The hoe is great! It far exceeds our expectations. Enclosed you will find an order for 2 attachments. Please keep us informed as you develop new accessories."
Thurston Williams
Clover Creek Family Farm
Clear Lake, CA

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"The weeder works wonders. On cultivated soil it takes less effort than a 3HP rototiller and it's quiet as well. I also appreciate your service."
Greg Eyolfson
Salmon Arm, British Columbia
"I've been meaning to tell you, ever since I received your wheel hoe last summer how much I love it. It is a fantastic tool. Thank you!"
Betsy Pobanz
Austin, TX

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"My husband and I have been organic growers for 25 years...first as gardeners, then we supplied veggies to local health food stores and the last few years we have had a CSA with 25 families. I doubt I have ever been as pleased with a piece of equipment as I have been with your wheel hoe. It is great! I can use it myself, without gasoline, oil, help, etc. and without noise. It is a pleasure to use and I can cover an amazing amount of ground in a short time.

"Please send us ASAP another one. When our CSA shareholders come and offer to help, I plan to turn them loose with the wheel hoe and we will likely have the most weed-free garden ever. Also please send the 4-tine cultivator and furrower. If they are engineered as well as the wheel hoe, another chore will become more manageable."
Pat and Bob Bramhall
Lothian, MD

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"I LOVE the wheel hoe. It is the greatest tool. It ZIPS down the long rows like magic and is so easy to use. You have a great product."
Annie Rockwell
Parlow Mill Farm
Marion, MA