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Broadfork 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

90-day money-back guarantee.


Return shipping is at customer’s expense. On return of the Broadfork to Valley Oak Tool, money will be returned you, or you will be sent a new Broadfork with free shipping.

Call us before returning a Broadfork. You will need a Return Authorization number.


Our Broadfork is intended for breaking open compacted soils up to 12 inches Deep. It is not intended to dislodge and remove large rocks or tree roots. Large rocks and tree roots should be removed with a shovel, pick, or mattock.


Every tool has a week point. For the Broadfork the week point is the wooden handles.

The handles are guaranteed for 30 days of use. The Guarantee is to pay the replacement costs of broken handles at $10 each. Like all wooden handle tools, the Broadfork should be stored out of the rain.