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Chico Organic Gardening Society

Support Organic Gardening in Chico and join COGS.

Organic Gardening Class Starts Jan 16 Click Here

Welcome to the birth of Chico Organic Gardening Society. Our mission is to help make our town into the gardening paradise we all know it can be. This means supporting the work of gardeners, farmers, and local ecologically minded businesses with information, opportunities to network, classes, field trips, and more.

There’s lots of room in this tent for gardeners and their friends. We need help with the monthly magazine, with organizing classes, potlucks, and other events.

Gardening has a way of healing wounds of the heart, and we all know our hearts as well as our relationship with nature need healing. Joining C.O.G.S. is an opportunity to support the movement toward local sustainable economy that is occurring all over our beautiful planet.

C.O.G.S. membership has its privileges and there is no obligation to take on any tasks. Participate if you are so moved. Your $20 membership dues will go toward magazine expenses, and other projects as determined by the board of directors. How do you want to structure this new creation? We can decide on this together. The potluck this Sunday will include a short discussion of where the members want to take this organization.

Thank you,

David Grau

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The same people who brought you quality Wheel Hoes and Broadforks now offer you a quality online magazine, covering organic gardening and sustainability in the inland Californiavalley bio-region.